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‘That’s Not a Feeling,’ by Dan Josefson - The New York Times

I've heard someone say "I'm not really feeling it right now". She's Canadian and I'd say from the context it means "I don't feel like it". She's talking about a trip. Is this use of "feel it" AmE only? Am I guessing right i. Thank you in advance. Cenzontle Senior Member English, U.

I've never heard it. I hear this a lot. Like Cenzontle, I've never heard it with the stated meaning.

I didn't go straight into an MFA program; I was casting around trying to find a couch that would let me do a bunch of writing, and that was a lot tougher than I anticipated it would be. I started teaching for a while at a boarding school, and that got under my skin and felt like an intriguing place to write about.

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There were all sorts of interesting contradictions and things going on, and that ended up being the basis for this novel. Five or six years from starting it to getting it to a point when I could start sending it out. But it was such a long time that I was trying to sell it -- four years -- during that time I was also doing some revisions and changes. Occasionally some significant ones. So I don't know quite how to count it, but basically the focused stuff was five or six years. I'd been trying to sell the book for a while and didn't have any luck.

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Every little thing helps, so I thought I'd go back to some friends and see if I could get some blurbs and try again. Tom Bissell and Jim Shepard were both very generous and had read the book and given it blurbs. Tom was friends with Dave Wallace and asked him if he'd take a look.

Incredibly, generously, not knowing me at all, he read the book and liked it. It was such a huge thing -- I am such a fan of David Foster Wallace's work. What writers would you say influenced the book? I've heard those comparisons and they're certainly very flattering. The stuff that I read most tends not to be contemporary American literature, thought I do read a fair amount of that too.

Some of the influences I can see are people like Thomas Bernhard and W. A lot of what I read is European stuff in translation -- for whatever reason, that's the subset of works that I feel most at home with. There are American writers I love, and I can see some of those influences in terms of pacing and humor and tone in this book. But I think that's a difficult question because those are things you're not consciously trying to mimic.

That's Not A Feeling has an interesting narrator in Benjamin, and a fascinating narrative style. When I came up with the odd narrative technique of shifting between Howling Orchard stories and Benjamin's first person accounts, part of it was trying to see if I could get away with having the benefit of both perspectives working, but part of it was also the idea of a narrator who's self-effacing to a point that he forgets that he's present. The first couple of chapters that happens a little more.

not feeling it

The effect was disruptive to some readers, but it was something that I was interested in playing with. The ones I enjoyed, regardless of genre, were the ones where I engaged most strongly with the characters. Good books make us care. I have been saving my spleen for last. Topics Fiction Books blog.

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Thats Not a Feeling Thats Not a Feeling
Thats Not a Feeling Thats Not a Feeling
Thats Not a Feeling Thats Not a Feeling
Thats Not a Feeling Thats Not a Feeling
Thats Not a Feeling Thats Not a Feeling
Thats Not a Feeling Thats Not a Feeling
Thats Not a Feeling Thats Not a Feeling
Thats Not a Feeling Thats Not a Feeling
Thats Not a Feeling Thats Not a Feeling

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