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This is a very interesting book on dementia, however the author focuses so much on what she is going through rather than her afflicted husband it's rather off-putting. Especially disturbing the way she could not wait to "put him away" towards the end.


July 16, - Published on Amazon. Of the many personal reports I've read about Alzheimer's this is among the most detailed, sometimes the most brutal, as Doernberg shows us how hard it can be for a caregiver to look after a dementia patient, from earliest symptoms to death. I think some readers might find it overwhelming--but once I started reading the book, in the early days of my father's advanced, second-stage Alzheimer's, I could not put it down.

Ray Doernberg, as it turned out, did not have Alzheimer's, he had Binswanger's disease, an extremely rare fewer than a hundred cases in the U. But his dementia, which came on in the early eighties, now looks indistinguishable, at least to the layman, from Alzheimer's--and in fact was only determined by an autopsy after he died in Stolen Mind is not the work of a subtle writer.

Myrna Doernberg tells an emotional story of her courtship and marriage, and includes such unaffected lines as "I always felt special because Ray loved me," and "Marriage was more than I ever dreamed it would be.

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The book came out in , and is one of the earliest dementia memoirs I know of. I think today an editor might cut a third of it--but I'm glad this didn't happen. Here is the full story, unrelenting, painful and repetitive. And all of it, every detail, I read with fierce attention: how Ray, a skilled designer, could no longer draw. How he couldn't mow the lawn or make a cup of coffee, how he got lost in his own bathroom, how he defecated on the bedroom floor.

I read it all in flood of recognition and premonition. The book was repetitive, but no more repetitive than my own days looking after my father--and here was someone who knew. Who knew, in fact, a good deal more than I did of what was to come. June 15, - Published on Amazon.

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This book is a must read for anyone who has interacted with someone who is slowly losing their mind. In other words, nearly everyone! I read this book every couple years to make sure I am familiar with the symptoms of dementia and how to deal with the victims of it.

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Discovered by Player FM and our community — copyright is owned by the publisher, not Player FM, and audio is streamed directly from their servers. Both men were healed and restored.

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Both cases were the result of witchcraft powers being worked against them. This is how I prayed for them.

I bound the witchcraft power that had been worked over their lives and released the power of Jesus and His mind over them. I bound the powers of the Wizards and witches. Called their minds back asking the Lord to reconcile them to Him.

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Stolen Mind: The Slow Disappearance of Ray Doernberg

Col All in the name of Jesus Some people that are under mind controllers, minds were shattered by traumas and fear. When we ministered to them, we simply commanded their Minds to return and ask Jesus to give them a single mind. Being double minded makes a person unstable in all his ways and mentally ill. Therefore, it also attacks their nervous system and causes illness. God can heal it.

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Stolen Mind Stolen Mind
Stolen Mind Stolen Mind
Stolen Mind Stolen Mind
Stolen Mind Stolen Mind
Stolen Mind Stolen Mind
Stolen Mind Stolen Mind
Stolen Mind Stolen Mind
Stolen Mind Stolen Mind
Stolen Mind

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