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They are not a pitiable collection of angry white males—ruddy, be-Dockered, pale, stale, males left behind by the times—clinging to their dwindling privileges in an ever more vibrant and diverse America.

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This diverse America is of course fundamentally at odds with the Fox News crowd and the Trumpists. But they have no more love for their would-be saviors among the politically correct, who rule through fear inspired by legalistic threats and social media mobs. It seems like everyday you wake up something has changed … Do you say Jew? Or Jewish? Is it a black guy? So political correctness in that sense is scary. The study shows that virtually no one who does not directly benefit from the exercise of this power in the form of sinecures, professional advancement, or the destruction of rivals within liberal institutions supports it.

Only 30 percent of this group considers political correctness to be a problem. They are nearly three times as likely to have a postgraduate degree. And while 12 percent of the overall sample in the study is African-American, only 3 percent of progressive activists are.

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With the exception of the small tribe of devoted conservatives, progressive activists are the most racially homogeneous group in the country. The extent to which this finding might surprise you is a measure of how close you are to either elite.

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It is also a measure of how successfully the toxic rhetoric of warring elite cliques has gaslighted you into submitting to a narrative that is brazenly false. The findings are disquieting because they show by implication the power of that false narrative. It reveals the extent to which the overwhelming will of the majority can be continually frustrated by wildly unrepresentative, power-seeking elite factions that increasingly occupy critical chokepoints within media, educational, nonprofit, legal, government, and corporate bureaucracies.

For that is what political correctness really is—a symptom of a large disorder which the vast majority of Americans of all races and creeds regard as a problem. Political correctness can thus be defined as the ideology of a distinct class of petty officeholders and office seekers within the therapeutic state. Their dogmas inexorably point in the direction of, as Henry Louis Gates Jr. PC also refers to the specific means that this faction has adopted of attempting to police dissent out of existence in pursuit of what it calls justice. Gates was writing before the microaggression reporting systems , the compulsory implicit bias training, and the social media agon had even been dreamed up.

But he foresaw all of it. What matters most about this faction is not that they are annoying. It is that institutional power increasingly defers to them. That deference makes them potent, despite their small numbers and unpopular opinions, and the lack of grounding for those opinions in American custom and law. The politically correct exploit two aspects of group psychology to dominate what is in fact a far more numerous group. They exploit the power that intolerant minorities, whose energies are focused on a single issue, have over majorities whose preferences and attachments are more diffuse.

The electoral impotence of the politically correct that Mounk correctly identifies is therefore less significant than it appears. And a political candidate who believes she is speaking for half of the population when she is actually voicing the opinions of one-fifth is likely to lose the next election. The ideology of political correctness explicitly abjures democratic contestation in favor of the seizure from within of elite institutions that can then be used to punish dissent and impose their will.

The politically correct have grown rather than waned in power under Trump, precisely because Trump feeds into their narrative just as surely as they feed into his, sponsoring the simultaneous radicalization of the political sphere and the cultural sphere in opposite directions.

Since political correctness is above all about an intra-elite battle among elites—a form of nonelectoral political struggle for hegemony within ruling institutions—it is there that the battle will be contested.

The two-thirds of those who oppose political correctness have learned both that they are in the majority, but also that their collective cowardice has allowed them to be bullied into conformity with doctrines that they hate. Those variants best suited to the environment thrive and procreate best and spread their kind at the expense of less well-suited variants.


The th Congress and the Tyranny of the Minority | Colorlines

Significant environmental changes can tip the balance in favour of a hitherto minority variant that now finds itself particularly well adapted to the new conditions. In this way the environment naturally selects for individuals best suited to it. With various other factors assisting such as geographical isolation, new species gradually replace older types. The evidence in favour is so overwhelming that evolution is accepted as fact in all open-minded circles.

Perhaps the most compelling aspect of the scientific case is the way in which the evidence from different sources all points to the same conclusion.

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Thus, the evidence from the fossil record, from the comparative anatomies of living species and from molecular details of living species all point to biological evolution. Fossils of organisms that lived in past ages are preserved in the rocks of the Earth. These lie in layers atop each other, with the oldest layers lying deeper and younger layers successively piled on top of them.

Very few fossils are found in the oldest rocks. The oldest fossil found to date is of an ancient unicellular bacterium-like organism dated as approximately 3. As you come up through increasingly younger rocks, multi-cellular animals and plants appear roughly in the following order: fishes, terrestrial plants, amphibians, insects, reptiles, mammal-like reptiles, primitive mammals, more elaborate plants, dinosaurs, flowering plants, birds, modern mammals, humans. The geological layers and their fossils were dated and characterised by geologists long before the theory of evolution was proposed in They concluded that these layers were laid down over many millions of years.

They also noted that the great majority of fossils represent organisms that are no longer present on Earth. These scientists were all creationists who believed that God created life as many separate species. Nevertheless, they also had the confidence to believe the history written in the rocks and they concluded that God had created life on many occasions. The theory of evolution interprets the fossil record as a succession of life forms, each descended with modification from previous forms.

In some cases the gradual changing of one form through intermediate into a new form can be seen in the fossil record. One well-known example of an intermediate form between two different species is Archaeopteryx the winged reptile, an intermediate form in the evolution of birds from reptiles. If evolution is true then living organisms should carry evidence of their historical development in details of their anatomy, body chemistry and molecular detail.

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And this is indeed the case. For example, evolution holds that humans are descended from an ape-like ancestor. Correspondingly, at the base of every human spine is a structure called the coccyx which is the rudimentary vestige of a tail, indicating that we are descended from a tailed form. Many other species also show vestigial structures that have no current functions. At first glance, there is little similarity between the forelimbs of a human, a dog, a seal, a crocodile and the wing of a flying fox.

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  • These are homologous organs, i. When you examine the anatomy of each of these organs, they are seen to share a basic five-digit structural design, modified in each species. Evolution explains this common basic structural plan as descent from a common ancestor. By comparing the anatomies of different species it is possible to build an evolutionary tree grouping closely related species together, separating them from more distantly related species, and extrapolating backwards to where different branches diverged from common ancestors, and backwards finally to the original ancestor of all life.

    Different species also have homologous molecules. If evolution is true, one would expect that the further apart two living species are in evolutionary terms i.

    Overwhelming Minority Overwhelming Minority
    Overwhelming Minority Overwhelming Minority
    Overwhelming Minority Overwhelming Minority
    Overwhelming Minority Overwhelming Minority
    Overwhelming Minority Overwhelming Minority

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