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10th Edition

Course Content Includes: Module 1.

Carbohydrates Module 3. Lipids and Fat Module 4. Protein, sources of protein, protein essentials in building tissue repair and healing Module 5. Digestion System and the process of digestion and Metabolism Module 6.

Nutrition & Diet Therapy

Energy and Balance Module 7. Vitamins Therapy and vitamins necessary to metabolic process Module 8. Minerals Module 9. Fluids and Electrolytes and water balance Module Nutrition During Pregnancy and Lactation Module Nutrition during Infancy, and Childhood Module Nutrition in adolescence Module Nutrition in Adulthood Module Community Nutrition, Food habits and cultural pattern Module Food borne Illness Module Physical Fitness and Exercise Module Gastrointestinal Systems, accessory organs, disorders of the GI tract, and using food group that promotes Module Cardiovascular system and diseases of the cardiovascular systems including high blood pressure and heart disease Module Endocrine system and diseases of the endocrine system, Diabetes Mellitus, nutrition therapy for the diabetic client Module Kidney Disease and function of the urinary system, dietary consideration Module Nutrition Support in cancer and Aids patients Module Effective communication skills and health promotions Module Completion of 10 case studies using the nutrition assessment and treatment plan Upon completion and passing the online nutrition and diet therapy program, the student will be awarded the Nutrition and Diet Therapy Diploma.

Holistic Nutrition This course explores the role of nutrition and diet in promoting a healthy mind, body, and spirit; preventing diseases; and maintaining wellness. It also discusses the interdependence between eating choices and environmental sustainability and the principles and practical uses of various alternative nutritional approaches.

It also teaches how to differentiate between whole food and synthetic supplements. It focuses on the nutritional, spiritual, and social aspects of food beliefs: Vegetarianism, macrobiotics, raw food, food combining, and hereditary predisposition. It explains the benefits of fasting and the different approaches used to ensure tissue cleansing and detoxification. It finally considers the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual issues related to diets and fasting.

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It enumerates the essential micronutrients used in human metabolism and the effects they have on restoring and maintaining the biochemical balances of cell and tissues. Academic Supervisor: Boris Wydoff Biochemical Organic Balance Every disease, symptom, discharge, and pain indicates a chemical imbalance in the body. A body that is chemically well-balanced will normalize itself. This course focuses on the chemical elements, their structures, and their application, including vitamins, enzymes, proteins, starches, prostaglandins, and minerals found in foods in order to understand the biochemical organic balance from which health and well-being spring.

Academic Supervisor: Marcos Mazzuka Petitta Orthomolecular Nutrition This course analyzes disease etiology causation from cell and tissue nutrition-based perspective. It overviews the organic deficiencies and malnutrition caused by a typical modern diet that imbalances our biochemistry. It explains how to recognize these deficiency signs and symptoms and identify good nutritional sources and available forms of dietary supplements for good health. It discusses the interrelationships between these nutrients and their effect s when subjected to varying levels of nutrient intake.

It provides detailed protocols for the nutritional assessment of various situations.

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It discusses the risks of nutritional imbalances on public health, individual nutrition, and clinical intervention. It also revises the medical application of nutritional interventions in the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases. Academic Supervisor: Daniel Scott Janik Nutrition in Acute Care This course explores the nutritional demands and hyper metabolic responses in intensive cases of trauma, surgery, organ failure, burns, AIDS, and neoplastic diseases.

It discusses the use and role of specialized nutrition in intensive care and its medical implications. Academic Supervisor: Daniel Scott Janik Nutritional Intervention This course presents the nutritional therapeutic applications in the prevention and treatment of common diseases and disorders. It describes therapeutic diets, dietary manipulation, and dietary supplements used to help restore the normal physiological function and structural integrity of the body and its organs by providing its natural components.

It explains strategies, counseling skills, and diet modifications to prevent and manage disease. Academic Supervisor: Leonie van Heerden Nutrition Therapy This course presents the nutritional intervention strategies, counseling skills, and the diet modifications that pertain to disease prevention and treatment of common diseases and disorders.

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It explains the normal nutrition needs of individuals at various age levels, the assessment of nutritional status, the nutritional values of foods, and the appropriate dietary modifications to achieve the healing and clinical effect required by an effective nutrition therapy. Academic Supervisor: Leonie van Heerden.

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Nutrition Overview (Chapter 1)

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Nutrition & Diet Therapy Nutrition & Diet Therapy
Nutrition & Diet Therapy Nutrition & Diet Therapy
Nutrition & Diet Therapy Nutrition & Diet Therapy
Nutrition & Diet Therapy Nutrition & Diet Therapy
Nutrition & Diet Therapy Nutrition & Diet Therapy
Nutrition & Diet Therapy Nutrition & Diet Therapy
Nutrition & Diet Therapy Nutrition & Diet Therapy
Nutrition & Diet Therapy Nutrition & Diet Therapy
Nutrition & Diet Therapy

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