Mans Search for Meaning: An Introduction to Logotherapy

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You will look younger and the scraping will make your cheeks look ruddier. If you want to stay alive, there is only one way: look fit for work.

Man's Search For Meaning by Frankl, Viktor E

If you even limp, because, let us say, you have a small blister on your heel, and an SS man spots this, he will wave you aside and the next day you are sure to be gassed. Do you know what we mean by a 'Moslem'? A man who looks miserable, down and out, sick and emaciated, and who cannot manage hard physical labor any longer. Therefore, remember: shave, stand and walk smartly; then you need not be afraid of gas.

All of you standing here, even if you have only been here twenty-four hours, you need not fear gas, except perhaps you.

So, don't worry! I am now convinced that anyone in my place on that day would have done the same. The reaction of a elegant by comparison. Between the huts in man to his admission to a concentration the camp lay pure filth, and the more one camp also represents an abnormal state of worked to clear it away, the more one had to mind, but judged objectively it is a normal come in contact with it. It was a favorite and, as will be shown later, typical reaction practice to detail a new arrival to a work to the given circumstances.

These reactions, group whose job was to clean the latrines as I have described them, began to change in and remove the sewage. If, as usually a few days. The prisoner passed from the happened, some of the excrement splashed first to the second phase; the phase of into his face during its transport over bumpy relative apathy, in which he achieved a kind fields, any sign of disgust by the prisoner or of emotional death.

And reactions, the newly arrived prisoner thus the mortification of normal reactions was experienced the tortures of other most hastened. First of all, there was his boundless saw the punishment parades of another longing for his home and his family.

Book Review: Man's Search for Meaning (Victor Frankl)

This group; he could not bear to see fellow often could become so acute that he felt prisoners march up and down for hours in the himself consumed by longing. Then there mire, their movements directed by blows.

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Early which surrounded him, even in its mere in the morning, when it was still dark, the external forms. When he decided to do so, and knocked down once more—and why?

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He was feverish he took the corpse by its legs, allowing it to drop into the but had reported to sick-bay at an improper time. He was small corridor between the two rows of boards which were being punished for this irregular attempt to be relieved of the beds for the fifty typhus patients, and dragged it across his duties.

After a few months' stay in the camp we could not moved. He selves up. Wearily who had been forced to stand at attention for hours in the he dragged himself up. Then the body: first the feet, then snow or to work outside with bare feet because there were the trunk, and finally—with an uncanny rattling noise— no shoes for him in the camp. Disgust, horror small, sole window, which was built near the floor.

While and pity are emotions that our spectator could not really my cold hands clasped a bowl of hot soup from which I feel any more. The came such commonplace sights to him after a few weeks of corpse which had just been removed stared in at me with camp life that they could not move him any more. Two hours before I had spoken to that man.


Now I continued sipping my soup. After one of them had just died, I watched volved in it. One by one the prisoners approached the still warm body. A third man did actions, and which eventually made him insensitive to daily the same with the dead man's coat, and another was glad to and hourly beatings. Eventually I asked tive shell. He was glad to be capable of working in spite of it, for no reason at all.

For example, bread was rationed out at since the physically disabled were almost certainly sent to our work site and we had to line up for it. Once, the man death when a selection took place. He limped over the track behind me stood off a little to one side and that lack of with an especially heavy girder, and seemed about to fall symmetry displeased the SS guard.

I did not know what was and drag the others with him. As yet, I was not carrying a going on in the line behind me, nor in the mind of the SS girder so I jumped to his assistance without stopping to guard, but suddenly I received two sharp blows on my think.

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  • Only then did I spot the guard at my side who was manded and ordered to return to my place. A few minutes using his stick. Once I was standing on a railway track cally. Along came a foreman with chubby rosy cheeks. His in a snowstorm. In spite of the weather our party had to face definitely reminded me of a pig's head. I noticed that keep on working.

    I worked quite hard at mending the track he wore lovely warm gloves in that bitter cold. For a time with gravel, since that was the only way to keep warm. For he watched me silently. I felt that trouble was brewing, for only one moment I paused to get my breath and to lean on in front of me lay the mound of earth which showed exactly my shovel. Unfortunately the guard turned around just how much I had dug. The pain he caused me was Then he began: "You pig, I have been watching you the not from any insults or any blows.

    That guard did not whole time! I'll teach you to work, yet! Wait till you dig think it worth his while to say anything, not even a swear dirt with your teeth—you'll die like an animal! In two days word, to the ragged, emaciated figure standing before him, I'll finish you off! You've never done a stroke of work in which probably reminded him only vaguely of a human your life. What were you, swine? A businessman? Instead, he playfully picked up a stone and threw it I was past caring.

    But I had to take his threat of killing at me. That, to me, seemed the way to attract the attention me seriously, so I straightened up and looked him directly of a beast, to call a domestic animal back to its job, a in the eye. A doctor? I bet you got a lot of money out of do not even punish it. At one time we had to carry some long, heavy all, in clinics for the poor. If one man slipped, he endangered He threw himself on me and knocked me down, shouting not only himself but all the others who carried the same like a madman. I can no longer remember what he shouted. Like nearly all the camp inmates I was suffering seemingly hardened prisoner—indignation not about from edema.

    My legs were so swollen and the skin on them cruelty or pain, but about the insult connected with it.

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    I That time blood rushed to my head because I had to listen had to leave my shoes unlaced in order to make them fit my to a man judge my life who had so little idea of it, a man I swollen feet. There would not have been space for socks must confess: the following remark, which I made to my even if I had had any.

    So my partly bare feet were always fellow-prisoners after the scene, afforded me childish relief wet and my shoes always full of snow. This, of course, "who looked so vulgar and brutal that the nurse in the out- caused frostbite and chilblains. Every single step became patient ward in my hospital would not even have admitted real torture. Clumps of ice formed on our shoes during our him to the waiting room.

    Over and again men Fortunately the Capo in my working party was obligated slipped and those following behind stumbled on top of to me; he had taken a liking to me because I listened to his them.

    Mans Search for Meaning: An Introduction to Logotherapy Mans Search for Meaning: An Introduction to Logotherapy
    Mans Search for Meaning: An Introduction to Logotherapy Mans Search for Meaning: An Introduction to Logotherapy
    Mans Search for Meaning: An Introduction to Logotherapy Mans Search for Meaning: An Introduction to Logotherapy
    Mans Search for Meaning: An Introduction to Logotherapy Mans Search for Meaning: An Introduction to Logotherapy
    Mans Search for Meaning: An Introduction to Logotherapy Mans Search for Meaning: An Introduction to Logotherapy

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