Bookplate Special (A Booktown Mystery)

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Bookplate Special: A Booktown Mystery

Fiction Mystery. Kindle Book Release date: November 3, Availability can change throughout the month based on the library's budget.

Killer Edition

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She's a great friend, too! I'm so proud of her success with this series.

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Elizabeth Mystery Writing is Murder. Thank you so much for your valuable work doing book reviews. Could you take a peek at my new release? It isn't a mystery but it has suspense and it deals with social issues and makes a great library addition.

Bookplate Special

If interested, please just click on my name and then follow the link to my website. I would love to have you review my book. Post a Comment. I've always found that I learn so much about social issues, history, and the world from mysteries, so they're perfect books for Sunday Salon. Lorna Barrett's third book in the Booktown Mystery series, Bookplate Special , is not only the best in the series, but a book that deals with important issues right now. Mystery readers will appreciate all of the comments about mystery authors and books.

And, what reader can resist a town of bookstores?

Lesa's Book Critiques: Sunday Salon - Bookplate Special by Lorna Barrett

Tricia Miles, owner of Haven't Got a Clue mystery bookstore in Stoneham, New Hampshire, was just angry and frustrated when she asked her former college roommate to leave her apartment. Pammy Fredericks had visited, but her visit went on for two weeks, and Pammy interfered with Tricia's business, and stole and forged a check. It was a relief to throw her out, but Pammy went on to use Tricia as a reference when applying for jobs.

Unless you call running a dying business a mistress of sorts. The truth is, I'm bored here in Stoneham. I need something more stimulating--something this hick village can't offer. Tricia's shock at his previous announcement now gave way to anger. Tricia paused, turned. You've made your life's plans, and I'm not a part of them. I don't think there's anything more to talk about. She grabbed her coat, opened the door, and then yanked it shut behind her, enjoying the sound of its slam. As she stalked off for her car, she noted the door did not open. Russ did not appear, and he did not call for her to return.

She placed a huge slice of meatloaf on Tricia's plate, plopped down a gigantic helping of garlic mashed potatoes and a sprinkling of peas, about three times more food than Tricia was ever likely to eat. She didn't protest. Food had always been Angelica's way of coping with disappointment.

Russ did. You never make meatloaf. It's Bob's favorite meal. He drowned his entire meal in the stuff, making Tricia cringe. Chapter previous. Chapter next.

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A gust of wind made her shiver. And why think about him at all when she had a date with Russ in just over two hours? The cruiser rounded the corner as she opened the door to Haven't Got a Clue. What have you been up to all day? Did you know Pammy was a freegan? Maybe--" He shook his head. Maybe it was that simple.

He leaned back against the cushions. We've been going out for. Was she about to be dumped? Was he about to propose?

Lorna Barrett

Tricia's spine stiffened, and she drew back. Russ laughed. Good news. The sherry made her flush. She was not ready for this. She was not ready for this at all. Pammy Fredericks was murdered yesterday.

source url The heck with that--no Russ! Did you even consider me while you were making this decision? But he never seemed to be listening. Think about Grant Baker's green eyes? Apparently she couldn't offer that kind of excitement, either. She hardened her heart.

Bookplate Special (A Booktown Mystery) Bookplate Special (A Booktown Mystery)
Bookplate Special (A Booktown Mystery) Bookplate Special (A Booktown Mystery)
Bookplate Special (A Booktown Mystery) Bookplate Special (A Booktown Mystery)
Bookplate Special (A Booktown Mystery) Bookplate Special (A Booktown Mystery)
Bookplate Special (A Booktown Mystery) Bookplate Special (A Booktown Mystery)

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