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Choose an expertise This Website uses cookies, including third party cookies to help us provide you with a better browsing experience. By continuing your browsing on this Website you consent on the use of cookies. You may read our Cookie Policy to find out more on how we use cookies and how to manage cookies. For game, see Criminal Case video game. For the film, see Criminal Law film. Main article: Element criminal law. Main article: Actus reus. Main article: Mens rea. Main article: Strict liability criminal.

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Main articles: Murder and Culpable homicide. Main articles: Assault , Battery crime , Rape , and Sexual abuse. Main articles: Accomplice , Aid and abet , and Inchoate offenses. Main article: Criminal defenses. This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

July Learn how and when to remove this template message. The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. John's University NYC. Archived from the original on July 31, Retrieved May 22, Baker Church [] 1 QB Church had a fight with a woman which rendered her unconscious. He attempted to revive her, but gave up, believing her to be dead. He threw her, still alive, in a nearby river, where she drowned.

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The court held that Mr. Church was not guilty of murder because he did not ever desire to kill her , but was guilty of manslaughter. The "chain of events," his act of throwing her into the water and his desire to hit her, coincided. In this manner, it does not matter when a guilty mind and act coincide, as long as at some point they do. See also, Fagan v.

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Stone and Dobinson [] QB , where an ill tended sister named Fanny could not leave bed, was not cared for at all and literally rotted in her own filth. This is gross negligence manslaughter. Dytham [] QB , where a policeman on duty stood and watched three men kick another to death. Miller [] 1 All ER , a squatter flicked away a still lit cigarette , which landed on a mattress. He failed to take action, and after the building had burned down, he was convicted of arson. He failed to correct the dangerous situation he created, as he was duty bound to do.

See also, R v.

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Santana-Bermudez where a thug with a needle failed to tell a policewoman searching his pockets that he had one. Pagett [] Crim LR , where ' but for' the defendant using his pregnant girlfriend for a human shield from police fire, she would not have died. Pagget's conduct foreseeably procured the heavy police response. Kimsey [] Crim LR 35, where 2 girls were racing their cars dangerously and crashed.

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One died, but the other was found slightly at fault for her death and convicted. Blaue [] where a Jehovah's witness who refuse blood transfusions on religious grounds was stabbed and without accepting life saving treatment died. Williams [] Crim LR where a hitchhiker who jumped from a car and died, apparently because the driver tried to steal his wallet, was a "daft" intervening act. Roberts [] Crim LR 27, where a girl getting drunk jumped from a speeding car to avoid sexual advances and was injured and R v. Majoram [] Crim LR where thugs kicked in the victims door scared him to jumping from the window.

These actions were foreseeable and therefore creating liability for injuries. Cheshire [] 3 All ER ; see also, R v.

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Jordan [] 40 Cr App R , where a stab victim recovering well in hospital was given an antibiotic. The victim was allergic, but he was given it the next day too, and died. The hospital's actions intervened and pardoned the defendant through condemning themselves instead. Mohan [] 2 All ER , intention defined as "a decision to bring about Cunningham [] 2 All ER , where the defendant did not realise, and was not liable; also R v. Latimer 17 QBD ; though for an entirely different offense, e. Criminal Law, 3rd ed. The Foundation Press, Inc.

Retrieved 24 April Surendra Malik; Sudeep Malik Eastern Book Company. EBC Supreme Court on Death Sentence in Murder cases. Alok Bhasin Law relating to Sexual Harassment at work. Supreme Court Criminal Digest Supreme Court Cases Criminal. Vibhute Shamsul Huda's Principle of the Law of Crimes. Kelkar's Revised By K.

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Chandrasekharan Pillai Kelkar's Criminal Procedure. General Principles of Criminal Law. Ahmad Siddiques Revised By S. A Qadri Srivastava's Revised By R.

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Chaudhary Srivastava's Principle of Criminal Law. Bhavani Lal Extraordinary Trials from Law Courts. Sumeet Malik Malik's Criminal Court Handbook. To be a good criminal lawyer, you have to learn a lot of basic ground work, from drafting good bail applications to handling the court registries.

It takes immense skill to do good cross examinations or ensure that the right evidence goes on record with the correct context. There are a large number of applications that one must learn to draft and file. Instead of building a course full of sections from IPC, CrPC and Evidence Act, accompanied by case laws which are easily available today at your fingertips thanks to technology , we have created a practical criminal law course that will help you to dive deep into criminal litigation and understand how to steer a criminal proceeding through different phases.

You will learn about the legal processes right from the time of lodging an FIR or a complaint in writing, arrest, bail and anticipatory bail, quashing FIRs and related drafting work, trial process, evidence and cross-examination to revision and appeal. You will also get a sense of how to create litigation strategy for a client.

This course is ideal for beginners in criminal law as well as law students. If you are already practicing criminal law for years, you already know what we are going to teach in this course, through your sheer hard work. In other words, this will simplify the first one to three years of struggle when you start a criminal litigation practice on your own or begin to learn under a senior. If you are not a lawyer but you frequently deal criminal litigation as a part of your work, or you want to develop a better understanding of your own personal case, you will find this course useful too.

Those who want to practice as criminal lawyers. Young criminal lawyers struggling to learn the basics. Any person who want to understand the criminal law system or deal with their own criminal cases better or pursue justice. Criminal law practitioners do not take up jobs, they usually do their own practice. It is a highly remunerative area of practice but also one in which you can help the poor people the most, take up many.

With increasing population, urbanization and growing economy, the number of crime and prosecution is rapidly increasing.

Criminal Litigation Criminal Litigation
Criminal Litigation Criminal Litigation
Criminal Litigation Criminal Litigation
Criminal Litigation Criminal Litigation
Criminal Litigation Criminal Litigation
Criminal Litigation Criminal Litigation

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